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Steel Cutting Services
  • Flat bar, RHS, channel, round bar, square bar – we can cut various steel to size.
  • Machining: lathe and milling.
  • Press brake: steel folding.
  • Welding: mig, tig and arc.
Truck trays – repairs and/or re-line
  • Replace deck with new steel plating.
  • Mount truck deck onto chassis.
  • Mount ringfeders.
  • replace tow eyes on draw bars
Truck tailgate repairs
  • Repair, replace or adjust hinges on truck tray tailgates.
Digger bucket repair
  • Blade edge replacement on digger bucket.
  • Repair cracks in digger bucket.
  • Repair worn-out sections of digger buckets.
Refurbish hydraulic cylinders
  • Manufacture new ram spears/pistons.
  • Manufacture new ram cylinders.
  • Replace seals in hydraulic cylinders.
Material supply
  • Supply steel and fastenings to the public, e.g. flat bar, round bar, square bar, angle iron, channel, box sections (RHS, SHS), black & galvanized pipe, hollow bar, bolts, nuts, washers etc.
Trailer repairs
  • Repair or manufacture new trailer frame
  • Replace or manufacture axles
  • Replace hubs, stubs & bearings
Goods Handling Scissor Lifts
  • Custom made to customer specifications.
Specialized customer projects
  • We’ve made some interesting prototype pieces for various customers. Some examples are a mobile zipline tower mounted on a trailer, fire bowls for a movie set, a rocket base for a playground.

New Health and Safety in Employment Amendment Act 2002

Are you aware of your obligations since the new Health and Safety in Employment Amendment Act 2002 came into effect?
Some of the major changes include:
  • A five-fold increase in fines, to a new maximum of $500,000
  • Instant OSH fines of between $100 and $3000
  • It will be unlawful to insure against health and safety fines
  • Employers will be obliged to monitor the effects of hazards, i.e. stress